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    Introduction to DigiRatu

    DigiRatu has been developed to help builders. DigiRatu combines the Ratu information files' long-term development work and know-how with new digital photo and video material. The user can either read or listen DigiRatu's text materials. DigiRatu also offers many kinds of support materials to its users. Tools for modern multi-language communication have been placed inside DigiRatu. In addition, DigiRatu offers tests to improve work safety, and calculators for evaluating the amount of work or material needed in construction.

    The user can try out and monitor their own learning with the learning tests provided in DigiRatu.

    Main features

    The text that can also be listened to

    the pictures that can be enlarged

    the videos with a commentary in the user's main language the material and work flow calculators that help in work planning

    Introduction video

    The history of DigiRatu

    DigiRatu was first born in 2001 in the city of Anjalankoski, where Matti Väätäinen and Timo Pässilä were discussing the future development lines and prospects of It's me multimedia Ltd. which was then based in Inkeroinen.

    The first demo versions were produced with project financing, and the current production team has been involved from the beginning. The demos were made to assure the project sponsors and the influential people in the construction industry that digital materials have real and huge possibilities in construction training and on actual construction sites. The Lahti-Kymi district organisation of the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries and the district office of The Finnish Construction Trade Union have made the project possible.

    In 2008 Juha Vättö, the very innovative manager of YIT Lentek at the time, wanted to improve the workmanship and know-how of the workers in his company, and started the work to accomplish a version of DigiRatu's current extent in St. Petersburg. That version was completed on 30th of May 2010, with Kouvola Innovation (aka Kinno) and the South-East Centre for Economic Development, Transport and Environment funding it. After this powerful development phase, DigiRatu became a modern, multilingual tool for construction education and work flow management, invented and developed by Matti Väätäinen and Timo Pässilä.

    The current state of DigiRatu:

    The now existent DigiRatu is based on the Ratu Construction Productivity Information Files (provided by The Building Information Foundation RTS). The basic information in the information file cards combines with digital photo and video material. At the moment DigiRatu consist of 55 information file cards. DigiRatu also contains estimation calculators and the possibility to test one's knowledge with the testing service. DigiRatu also has a component that enables initiatives concerning the methods of work.

    The future development lines of DigiRatu:

    Future development brings also information content about renovation and infrastructure building to DigiRatu. In 2010-2012 DigiRatu is localized to Estonia, and DigiRatu's language selection expands to Estonian as well. Technological development lines revolve around mobile development. The project is lead by Kouvola Innovation. In the making of DigiRatu, cooperative Digital Robot Finland (the team behind DigiRatu) have also developed a digital site for instructors in construction, an extensive learning test system and many other development components.

    The users of DigiRatu:

    DigiRatu is widely used by Finnish construction schools, ranging from vocational schools and adult education colleges to Universities of Applied Sciences providing construction training. DigiRatu is also currently moving towards helping companies with their production management.

    The distribution of DigiRatu:

    DigiRatu is distributed from Kouvola, from the servers of the cooperative Digital Robot Finland. The start phase of the distribution is supported by the provincial development project DigiNET. DigiRatu is strongly making headway to the Russian markets.

    The people behind DigiRatu

    Behind the idea/ Founding members:
    • Matti Väätäinen, InterFin Ltd
    • Timo Pässilä, Cooperative Digital Robot Finland

    People who have made DigiRatu possible via financial support and project activity:
    • Raimo Hovi, The Lahti-Kymi district organisation of the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries
    • Kim Kaskiaro, The Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries
    • Juha Vättö, ZAO YIT Lentek
    • Matti Kallio, The South-East Centre for Economic Development, Transport and Environment
    • Markku Saari, Kouvola Innovation/ DigiOske
    • Risto Wallin, Kouvola Innovation/ DigiEDU-ET
    • Juha Haapaniemi, Regional Council of Kymenlaakso

    The team behind DigiRatu's technology and content:
    • Cooperative Digital Robot Finland
      • Timo Pässilä
      • Leena Kemppainen
      • Pasi Kauppi
      • Jarmo S. Rintamäki
      • Karoliina Pässilä
      • Mikko Kukkanen
      • Janne Hyötyläinen
      • Juhani Timonen
      • Sergei Ivanov

      Some of our partners in construction that have made filming of DigiRatu materials possible:
      • Kvlakk, Kouvola Centre of Adult Education, Kouvola, Finland
      • ZAO YIT Lentek, St. Petersburg, Russia
      • Varte Ltd, Kouvola, Finland
      • YIT Rakennus Ltd, Helsinki, Finland
      • AS Merko Ehitus Eesti, Tallinn, Estonia

    Hanketuki vuosina 2011-2013


    RT Lahti-Kymen piiri sai Kymenlaakson Liitolta Finhost-tukihankkeen Hankkeella tuettiin DigiRatun kotimaan oppilaitoksille suunnatun verkkopalvelun järjestämistä ajalla maaliskuu 2011 – joulukuu 2011 yhteensä noin 75 000 eurolla. Hanke päättyi joulukuussa 2011. Lisätietoja RT Lahti-Kymen piiri.

    DIGINET –hanke

    RT Lahti-Kymen piiri sai Kymenlaakson Liitolta Diginet-tukihankkeen, Hankkeella tuettiin Digiratun kotimaan oppilaitoksille suunnatun verkkopalvelun järjestämistä ajalla tammikuu 2012-heinäkuu 2013 yhteensä noin 130 000 eurolla. Hanke päättyi heinäkuussa 2013. Lisätietoja RT Lahti-Kymen piiri


    InterFin ltd oy oli mukana yhtenä partnerina vuosina 2011-2013 Kouvola Innovationin vetämässä keskisen Itämeren alueen Interreg IVA Central Baltic hankkeessa. Hankkeessa tuotettiin DigiRatun Eestin kielinen käännös ja lisättiin kuva- ja videomateriaalia sekä tuettiin Viroon suunnattua lokalisointituotannon verkkoa ja sijoitettiin materiaalia DigiRatuun. Hanke päättyi joulukuussa 2013. Lisätietoja InterFin ltd oy.


    Please read the Start-up guide and the Frequently asked questions carefully first. You can find them on the home page. They contain answers to many problem situations. You can also find an introduction video on the home page. The Help-button in DigiRatu's user interface brings out a guide that gives you advice on using DigiRatu.

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    The development, maintenance and sale of DigiRatu
    Cooperative Digital Robot Finland
    Kanervistontie 46
    45200 Kouvola
    Phone: +358 10 581 7335
    Sales e-mail: ten.utarigid@alissap.omit

    The Lahti-Kymi district organisation of the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries
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    Project management
    Matti Väätäinen
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